Optimising energy consumption for companies

At Km0 Energy, we provide consultation, proposals, design, and support for both the public and private sectors in their comprehensive strategy for emission reduction and offset, as well as energy and economic savings.

Optimising the energy bill

At Km0 Energy, we assist you in controlling energy costs by analysing your energy contracts. We optimise the parameters of electricity, natural gas, or other fuel contracts and assess contracted energy prices and the contracting model to evaluate your potential savings.

We conduct bidding processes for electricity and/or gas contracts, taking into account criteria for green energy, such as requesting offers from green suppliers or requesting the availability of guarantees of origin (GoOs) for the quantity of electricity sold.

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Energy monitoring

Based on the consuming equipment in your facility and the distribution of electrical panels, we analyse your company’s monitoring needs and propose the deployment of submetering equipment and a data-monitoring platform.

With energy monitoring, you can focus energy efficiency actions on the areas of highest consumption within your operations and detect any abnormal energy usage.

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Energy and CO2 emissions monitoring

We conduct energy monitoring tasks to control costs and assess savings from energy efficiency measures implemented, and also to detect abnormal consumption patterns.

We track the energy bill and monitored consumption using energy monitoring equipment or the utility meter itself.

If you also have a photovoltaic solar installation, we monitor the installation’s energy balance, and also the associated economic savings and emissions.

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Plan of action for reducing and offsetting emissions

We design a customised strategy to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in your facilities, with measures aimed at achieving short and medium-term reduction targets.

We will accompany you throughout the process of implementing these measures, from sourcing suppliers and financing options to monitoring the energy savings and emissions achieved.

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Energy diagnosis and energy audits according to RD56/2016

We perform Energy Diagnostics or Energy Audits in accordance with RD56/2016 with the aim of obtaining the energy consumption profile of your facility or building. We analyse the level of energy efficiency of the installed technology and propose actions for energy and economic savings.

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Guidance and implementation of the ISO 50001 energy efficiency standard

We provide support in implementing the Energy Management System according to ISO 50001, which assists organisations in establishing an energy policy and effectively managing energy-related aspects of their activities. This results in real and measurable energy cost savings.

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Carbon footprint register

We quantify your carbon footprint and carry out the necessary procedures for the Carbon Footprint Registry, established by MITECO (Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge). This registry recognises an organisation’s efforts in calculating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by their activities.

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Studies on the potential for demand flexibility

We identify the flexible loads within your facility and quantify the flexible power, to subsequently analyse the technical and economic feasibility corresponding to participation in the Balancing Markets operated by the Electricity System Operator (REE).

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Management of energy-related subsidies

We offer advice on available subsidies in the field of energy efficiency and support you in the application process (drafting technical reports, gathering documentation, etc.).

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Energy certificates

We conduct energy certifications for existing buildings using the official CE3X certification tool provided by MITECO.

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Do you want to reduce the CO₂ emissions and energy costs in your facilities?
You are not sure how to achieve the energy and environment SDGs?
Do you want to apply energy efficiency and self-consumption measures, but you do not know where to begin?

Write to us and we will guide and advise you on the road to decarbonisation!