Energy transition at local level

We are experts in Energy Communities

At Km0 Energy we are passionate about driving and building local Energy Communities, accompanying town halls and citizens throughout the process, empowering them and including them in a new way of doing things.

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We already have more than 100 Energy Communities up and running in Catalonia!

The energy transition takes on a new local dimension where town halls and public entities play an essential role. The Energy Communities allow the local community to take part in the energy transition, by generating and sharing renewable and local energy, so that the community members can manage consumption effectively, and also improve energy efficiency and demand management. These renewable energy generation projects are in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment).

  • shared self-consumption in an external network is available to consumers located within a radius of 2000 meters from the community installation, without using their own rooftops.
  • citizen participation:  we structure the financing of our projects to facilitate neighbourhood participation and contribute to territorial development.
  • energy and cost savings: the energy usage is deducted on a monthly basis from the community members’ bills, leading to both energy and economic savings.
  • customised information: using a digital platform, community members can access data on energy generation, their own energy consumption, and energy efficiency.


Everything adds up in energy communities!

+ energy awareness
+ energy and cost savings
+ energy self-management and increased efficiency
+ economic, social, and environmental benefits for the municipality
+ self-sufficiency and independence from energy companies
+ democratisation of energy and increased energy sovereignty
+ value to the territory by reclaiming degraded spaces and promoting biodiversity
+ optimisation of land use through shared land uses


Do you want to know how to drive an Energy Community in your municipality?

Km0 Energy works with local administration and entities to design, implement and manage each Energy Community, providing support throughout the process.

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