Energy solutions for the public sector

At Km0 Energy we design solutions and business models for the public sector, through high-impact projects.

Energy Communities and collective self-consumption

We support all types of Energy Communities in their planning, implementation, and management.

  • Study and design of all types of Energy Communities from a technical, social, economic, and legal perspective. The objective is to define the main features of the Community and ensure its viability when starting the project, and also to define the roadmap to be implemented.
  • Advice and support in the implementation phase to ensure effective implementation and the success of the project. This support is provided in all areas of the Community: technical, legal, administrative, economic, and citizen outreach. We guide the Community through all steps, handle all necessary procedures and documents, set deadlines for each task, and ensure the launch of the Community within the planned timeframe.
  • Administrative, financial, and energy management of the Energy Communities: membership registration and cancellation, inquiries and incidents, monitoring internal meetings, income and payment tracking, and monitoring of deployed resources (such as photovoltaic installations, monitoring platforms, or sustainable mobility), six-monthly savings reports, study and proposal of new actions, etc.


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Drafting renewable energy projects

We study and design renewable energy installation projects from a technical, economic, and legal perspective. We conduct feasibility studies, preliminary designs, and executive projects for renewable energy. We work in various areas, such as rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic energy, small-scale wind energy, aerothermal systems, electric vehicles, energy storage, and agrovoltaic energy.

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Processing renewable energy projects on land

KM0 Energy, as a distributed solar park developer, offers its services to develop the entire process of promoting the solar park until the construction phase. We take care of conducting a project feasibility study, designing the solar park, applying for the connection point and the necessary prior and construction administrative authorisation, the documentation associated with both applications and all the necessary procedures to bring the land to the point of being ready for solar park construction (Ready to Build).

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Energy audits and equipment energy certificates

We conduct Energy Audits with the aim of obtaining the energy consumption map of municipal facilities, analysing the level of energy efficiency of the installed technology, and making proposals for energy and cost savings actions.
We also provide energy certificates for existing buildings using the official certification tools provided by MITECO.

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Energy Transition Plans within the Plans of Action for Sustainable Energy and Climate (PAESC)

We draft Local Energy Transition Plans that encompass the objectives associated with climate change mitigation for municipalities, especially those focused on the energy sector, and just transition. Measures are proposed to achieve a minimum 55% reduction in emissions by the year 2030.

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Managing energy-related subsidies

We provide assistance to the public sector regarding available subsidies in the field of energy efficiency and support in the application process (technical report drafting, documentation collection, application submission…)

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Monitoring electricity and gas consumption, production and invoices

We perform energy monitoring tasks to control costs, assess savings from energy efficiency actions taken, and identify abnormal consumption patterns. We monitor energy bills and consumption using energy monitoring equipment or the utility meter itself. Additionally, if there is a photovoltaic solar installation, we monitor the system’s energy balance and the associated economic and emissions savings.

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Support in energy procurement and photovoltaic facilities tendering

We assist the public sector in drafting the necessary specifications for tendering energy efficiency and renewable energy projects (such as energy procurement contracts, photovoltaic installations, aerothermal systems). We review the received proposals and provide objective technical and economic reports on the different options.

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Studies on the potential of demand flexibility

We identify flexible loads in facilities and quantify the flexible power for subsequent analysis of the technical and economic viability of participating in the Balance Markets operated by the Electricity System Operator (REE).

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You belong to public administration and want to enhance the energy transition?
You want to generate renewable energy in your territory, receive guidance on reducing CO₂ emissions or obtaining strategic advice on planning new energy-related scenarios?

Contact us to learn how and we can help in the energy transition in your municipality.