Energy and value in the territory

Projects to generate renewable energy on a local scale

We are specialists in the promotion of renewable energy projects on a local and de-centralized scale. We structure the financing of our projects to facilitate local participation and contribute to the development of the territory.

Km0 Energy | Genera
  • We promote renewable energy generation projects for local self-supply.
  • We promote decentralized solar parks with local joint ownership.
  • We offer regulatory no-risk investment with social and economic return.
  • We design energy generation projects in line with the ODS and the PRI.
  • We generate value to the territory, recovering degraded spaces and biodiversity, creating employment, contracting local companies, and carrying out training and promotion activities.
  • We favour the profitability of the territory with shared land uses.
  • We promote the democratization of the energy with local communities.
  • We believe in energy sovereignty: our objective is to generate 1GW of renewable energy in 2030 (the equivalent of a nuclear reactor).
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One megawatt for the people

In Catalunya there are approximately a thousand municipalities. If every municipality generated 1 megawatt (MW) of renewable energy, we will produce together 1 gigawatt (GW), the same as a nuclear reactor. In KM0 we have aimed for Catalunya to generate 1GW with renewable resources in 2030.

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1 MW of solar park
1 Ha
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1 MW of solar park
< 1 million eurs
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1 MW of solar park
1.600 MhW/a year
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1.600 MhW a year
is the consumption of
500 homes