The company

Solutions for an efficient, clean, and local energy

Global warming presents urgent technical, social, economic and  ecological  challenges which obliges us to design a transition of energy towards a society of low in greenhouse gas emissions

At Km0 we apply our knowledge, efforts, and experience to the energy sector to offer real solutions to the public and private sector for a clean , efficient and local energy.

We are united in this process or energy transition, and, therefore, we not only design personalized projects, maintaining the supply quality, and guaranteeing energy and economic saving, but providing  continuous  support until the market goals are reached

Km0 Energy | Energy Transition
  • We believe in clean, efficient and local energy
  • Our aim is to reach 0 emissions in 2050
  • We offer real solutions to eliminate carbon particles in the public and private sector
  • We promote sustainable, viable, high-impact projects
  • We promote the generation of local energy (kilometre 0) with the participation of the local people
  • We favour the territorial development of energy sovereignty
  • We have at your disposal the most innovative monitoring and submetering technologies
  • We are experts in flexible energy
  • We provide support during the whole process of energy transition
They already trust us

km0 founders

Santi Martínez Farrero
Expert in Energy Policy and Socioeconomic Impact
Pep Salas
Doctor and Engineer at Catalan Public University (UPC)

km0 team

Ferran Garrigosa
Industrial Engineer and Masters in Business Administration, Expert in the design and Business of Renewable Energies
Xavier Massa
Economist, Expert In Energy, Energy Policy and Regulation
Patrícia Piqué
Physicist, Masters in Energy for sustainable Development and CEM by the AEE
Joan Mesas
Electronic engineer expert in Renewable Installations
Montse Mussons
Economist end Masters in Energy Policy
Anaïs Tiffon
Geological Engineer and Master in Natural Resources Engineering
Aitor Diaz
Mines Engineer and Masters in Environmental Engineering
Núria Gené
Industrial engineer expert in Project Management and Renewable Energies
Cristina Ibars
Lawyer expert in renewable energies